Wedding photography

54 Photography

for moments that matter

54 Photography offer wedding photography services to cover  all your needs.  How I shoot your wedding is up to you so you maintain complete control over the photography coverage for your big day.  Of course I will take creative control if you wish but will always ensure I provide the service that you want.

The personal service you receive is unique as I do not offer 'one package fits all' photography, rather I tailor the services to meet your specific requirements.

 I work for you so you should feel like you are getting the service you want I recognise that the photos taken on the day are yours.  I provide all images, professionally edited, to you following the wedding day, there are no hidden charges or copyright limitations on your use of your photographs.  I of course offer all the products you would expect, but I want to assure you that the photographs are yours. 

Take a look through my portfolio and contact me for further information and to discuss your requirements for a tailor made solution.