54 Photography

Why '54 Photography'? Good question!!  I initially went for all the standard names of photography businesses - 'Insert Initial' Photography, 'Insert Name' Photography etc.  They didn't work for me for some reason so I went with a number, but why 54?.   The number 54 has some cultural significance.  

54, a 1998 film about Studio 54, the world famous nightclub in New York City which peaked in popularity in the 1970s....but that's not the reason.  

54 is the number of coloured squares on a Rubik's cube.....but thats not the reason.  

54 degrees, when taken as the sine of an angle is equal to half the golden ratio (a compositional term well known in the photography business)....but that's not the reason.  

The real reason, I just liked the ring to it.  

Birth. From the moment I took my first photograph with my Nikon D3200 entry level DSLR camera, I was hooked.  I knew photography would become more than a hobby at that moment.  At the time my motivation for buying a 'good camera' was to take 'good pictures' of my son who was due to arrive a few months later.  This started my love affair with photography and a passion for learning and growing as a photographer.  

Growth.  Since then i have realised that a 'good camera' is only the start and have dedicated huge amounts of time to learning the art of photography, I am still learning and always will be.  The pursuit of mastery is the aim of the game and my goal is to improve each and every time I pick up my camera  and i strive to do my very best with every photograph I take, be it for myself or my clients. 

Mission.  My mission is to grow my photography business the old fashioned way, by offering great value and service to my clients and exceed their expectations.  I want clients to go away feeling delighted by the experience they had working with me.    

54 Photography

for moments that matter